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December 16 2015


Get Natural Looking Volume With Peruvian Hair

Wouldn't it be nice to have more volume and shape to your hair for special occasions? Many women are not happy with the thickness of their hair, but there are not many ways to make hair grow thicker. Sometimes hair becomes brittle and limp from too much styling with hair dryers, curling irons, straightening irons, or chemicals. One way to get thicker looking hair is to augment one's natural hair with Peruvian Hair extensions in straight, wavy, or curly looks in many lengths. These Peruvian hair extensions come in a color to match the client's hair.

Allen Baler

What Are Peruvian Hair Extensions?

Peruvian hair extensions have a thick, full appearance with a coarse texture and a lower gloss that works very well for African American hair or those with hair that is coarser. Volamor Hair is a supplier that sells only authentic virgin Peruvian Hair. This is real hair, not synthetic hair, so it will look natural. This hair has undergone the minimum of processing so it will be in a healthy, natural state with cuticles intact. The Malaysian hair is aligned in the same direction to avoid tangling. This type of hair is called Remy. This virgin Peruvian Hair is a little coarser than Indian or Brazilian hair and provides the wearer with greater volume. The Peruvian hair is named for its very thick texture and does not necessarily come from Peru. It can come from places like India, Asia, Peru, or other countries in south America.

What Are The Advantages Of This Type Of Hair Extensions?

These high-quality hair extensions and weaves are washable and can be styled and curled. They are durable and last for one to two years when well cared for. Using real hair makes them blend with the wearer's hair and look more natural. They can be worn for one to two months before being removed and reapplied as natural hair grows. They can also be applied for short-term use for special occasions. A Peruvian weave or extension can be bleached or dyed to almost any color by an experienced stylist. Bleaching can dry out or damage the hair if done incorrectly. This real hair can be washed following supplier's directions. The Peruvian hair bundles come in straight hair, natural wave, body wave, deep wave, and Peruvian curly hair in deep curl or afro curl.

How Are These Hair Extensions Applied?

Peruvian hair weaves and extensions are best applied by an experienced stylist. They come in 100g hair bundles and to get an even, full look two or more bundles are needed. Hair that is ten to fourteen inches long will require two bundles, longer hair will require from three to four bundles. The stylist will weave the hair into the clients own hair while wrapping it around the head. The hair bundles have weave tracks that the client's hair is woven around by a stylist. When the hair bundles are properly woven into a person's hair they blend naturally and invisibly. Go to the website for more information.

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